Welcome to aAmarok website, the plugin for aMSN which enables users to use the "Now listening to" feature with aMSN and Amarok.

Version 0.5 is out!

A new version is now out! Check out the downloads page. I would like to thanks Oktay Doğangün for translation to Turkish and the formating of track information. This version includes those new features:

  • Can format how the track information is shown
  • Multiple languages support, now Turkish and French are available

New version, new name, new website plus a new logo

aAmarok (previously amaroK plugin for aMSN, well actually, we did not really have a name), is proud to present you with a new website, and also a new version of it's plugin. Hope you'll enjoy the new website and the new plugin. Please note that the plugin will NOT update itselfs automatically, you will have to redownload it, as we have changed our servers to SourceForce and we have changed our plugin name.

New version 0.5 includes multi-language support (English, French and Turkish), please don't hesitate if you want to help us translate it, also includes the option for formating how the track information is displayed.

Hope you like our new everything, if you have any comments please don't hesitate to contact us.